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​​​​​​​Welcome to Sheepskin World, the home of everything leather and sheepskin. All products are meticulously sourced from all over the world to give you the highest quality of sheepskin and leather in the UK market. Each product is sourced and individually checked, with most products trimmed and finished here, or at local tanneries round the corner.
Many products are held in stock here in Gloucestershire, with quick delivery times, however other products are made to order, so check out each product page to see when your product is likely to be delivered. Not sure? Give us a call, and we can give you a precise delivery date on all your orders.

With a wide sourcing capability, and hundreds of lines already in stock, Sheepskin World will either have the product you are looking for, or will be able to quickly source it from one of our many suppliers. If the product you are looking for is out of stock, or not showing on the website, give us a call, our customer service representatives will be happy to help, and answer all your questions

Sheepskin Slippers

We have been building up our range of sheepskin slippers for years now, and we can proudly offer one of the widest range of mens sheepskin slippers and ladies sheepskin slippers in the UK. All of our slippers come with a strong suede upper and are either lined with traditional and durable sheepskin, or lambswool. Lambswool slippers offer  cheaper alternative to sheepskin slippers. Instead of the sheepskin being tanned into the suede, lambswool is stuck onto the lining, providing the same warmth but with a cheaper process. Lambswool wont last as long as Sheepskin Slippers but still look just as good. 

Sheepskin Boots

Sheepskin World offer a great range of sheepskin boots in a variety of colours. Each sheepskin boot comes with a fully tanned suede upper and luxurious sheepskin lining. All our sheepskin boots also come with a durable non slip sole. We truly believe these boots are the most competitively priced boots on the market here in the UK.

Sheepskin Coats

Why not treat yourself this season to one of our brilliant sheepskin coats. We have a large range of styles and colours, finished in leather or suede. All our sheepskin coats are fully lined with sheepskin and will keep you warm and toasty all year round. We have a variety of ladies sheepskin coats in sizes 8-20 and mens sheepskin coats in sizes 38"-48"

Sheepskin Hats

Keeping your head warm this season could not be any easier with our stylish range of sheepskin hats. We have a variety of hats in different styles and colours, with each hat coming in different sizes. Whether you are looking for mens sheepskin hats or ladies sheepskin hats, we'll have something for you here.

Sheepskin Rugs

Following on from our wonderful range of sheepskin clothing we also offer a great range of sheepskin furnishings including our luxurious sheepskin rugs. Brilliant for rugs and throws these items will fit perfectly in your home adding warmth and colour.

Ladies Leather Bags

Brand new to our range, is our Italian Ladies Leather Handbags. Handmade in Italy, these bags are an excellent addition to our range, and as we continue to add more styles and colours to this range, we're finding more and more people love our leather handbags