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So many Health Benefits from Sheepskin Products

Add a little bit of luxury to you and your home, with our fantastic range of sheepskin slippers and rugs.

Deluxe Ladies 'Sophie' Sheepskin Moccasin with Soft SoleSingle Natural British Sheepskin RugUnisex 'James' Lambswool Slipper Mules - CamelDouble Black British Sheepskin Rug


We have a fantastic range of sheepskin products and some of the most popular at the moment are our Slippers and Rugs.

Not only are these luxuriously soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable to wear, they can offer a wide variety of health benefits.  Sheepskin is a natural insulator and helps to regulate body temperature, it also promotes circulation which is beneficial for general aches and pains.  Sheepskin is hypo-allergenic and has been known to bring relief to some skin conditions such as eczema as it contains lanolin which resembles our skins own Sebum.  Studies have shown that Asthma is greatly reduced in babies that sleep on sheepskin and it can also help to prevent bed sores for people who are bedridden.  Click the link below to browse through our range of Icelandic sheepskin rugs.



Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant which makes it ideal for slippers.  They don’t smell and are soft and comfortable to wear. There are so many choices available of colours and styles.  We have slippers for everyone, from hard and soft soles to fur cuffs and fur surrounds.    Simply click the link below and start shopping.



Icelandic Sheepskin Rug Rusty Brown (Double)Deluxe Mens 'Carter' Sheepskin Slippers with Hard Sole - Chocolate BrownIcelandic Sheepskin Rug Mixed (Double)Ladies British Button Sheepskin Boots - Chestnut




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