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Brand New Sheepskin Slipper Collection

Sheepskin World is happy to introduce you to the brand new 2015 Sheepskins Slipper Collection.


Our brand new Ladies Heeled Sheepskin Slippers have a split seam and raised heel to provide you with extra comfort and support. This slipper is sure to be popular with girls and ladies of all ages and is available in Chestnut, Mink and Plum colour and sizes between 3 – 9.
    ladies-split-seam-sheepskin-heeled-soft-sole-slipper-plum-1259-p     ladies-split-seam-sheepskin-heeled-soft-sole-slipper-mink-size-9-[2]-1142-p     ladies-split-seam-sheepskin-heeled-soft-sole-slipper-chestnut-[3]-1268-p
If it’s more of a boot style slipper your looking for, our brand new Split Seam Sheepskin Slipper Boot may be the right slipper for you. This slipper gives you the option of having the top of the boot folded down (giving the slipper a sheepskin cuff look style) or folded up (to give you more of a boot style). Suitable for girls and ladies of all ages and available in your choice of Chestnut, Mink and Plum. Sizes 3 – 9.
   ladies-split-seam-sheepskin-slipper-boot-chestnut-[3]-594-p             ladies-split-seam-sheepskin-slipper-boot-plum-[2]-1126-p                ladies-split-seam-sheepskin-slipper-boot-mink-1287-p
Looking for a more classic style slipper? How about our Unisex Full Double Faced Sheepskin Slipper available in Chestnut and Chocolate colours? This Slipper is entirely made from one whole sheepskin pelt that is turned and moulded into the optimal shape. This process provides you with a thicker and warmer sheepskin slipper making it a perfect choice for those cold winter months. Available in sizes 6 – 13.
                            unisex-soft-sole-full-double-faced-sheepskin-slipper-chestnut-size-13-480-p                         unisex-soft-sole-full-double-faced-sheepskin-slipper-chocolate-size-13-1285-p
Our best selling Men’s Hard Sole and Soft Sole Sheepskin Slippers are now also available in Navy Blue and Chocolate Brown colours. These slippers are best sellers and extremely popular with men of all ages.
                            mens-soft-sole-sheepskin-slipper-boot-chocolate-1177-p                    mens-soft-sole-sheepskin-slipper-boot-navy-1187-p
If slip on/off slippers is what your after, look no further than our Mule Sheepskin Slipper Collection. We have many unisex options including our newest Hard Sole Split Seam Slipper Mule’s which are available in Chestnut, Chocolate and Navy varieties and come in sizes 6 – 13. Their backless design makes them easy to slip on and off without having to bend down and the hard sole makes them ideal if you need a slipper that can cope with light use outside.
       unisex-hard-sole-sheepskin-split-seam-slipper-mule-chestnut-1217-p            unisex-hard-sole-sheepskin-split-seam-slipper-mule-chocolate-1231-p            unisex-hard-sole-sheepskin-split-seam-slipper-mule-navy-1245-p
For more information on these or any other products on our website please feel free to contact our customer service representatives on 01179 555 325 or email us at sales@sheepskinworld.co.uk.

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